The Beatles 01 Chopping Board


Looking for Bespoke Chopping Boards to suit your kitchen? Our Chopping Boards are made of the best quality material to last long.

They are hygienic, scratch proof, heat resistant and fitted with non-slip rubber feet so you can safely prepare meals while protecting your kitchen counters.

These Rock Salt worktop savers are ideal for preventing damage to surfaces and providing extra cooking space.

They are heat resistant up to 220 degrees so are perfect for placing hot pans on and preventing scorch marks.

The surface is cut-resistant making them great as glass chopping boards and the silicone feet will prevent it from slipping when in use. You can even use them to cover surfaces like the hob or sink to create extra space. They should only be placed on cold surfaces and should be hand washed only.



  • Dimensions: 11" l x 15" w x 1" h
  • Weight: 2 lb

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