We founded WeiBi trying to make our own lives easier

The Home Decor Factor came along, when we acknowledged the fact that most home decor stores are filled with pink flower vases and pretty plates, and being two men that are very interested in how our homes look, we decided to create a store that shows and reflects than men also live in homes. cool attributes that fill up spaces in a way that no matter what gender you are, how young or old, or where you grew up, you can walk into your home and say to yourself, that WeiBi piece was an awesome buy.

The Men Accessories (also known as sick unisex pieces) came about when we kept on receiving calls about how hard it is to find a gift for a guy, that he really wants. It's easy to spend 300$ on a wallet if you can afford it. But let's face it, men (unlike women) would rather have something they can use without having to reorganize their wallet into a new one. Don't get us wrong, we also sell cool wallets, but the main goal of our store is to offer cool finds that a guy would buy for himself, and use those to solve the frustrating gift search that we know half of the world goes through when its a guy's birthday, or father's day, anniversary time. you name the occasion, we find the gift.


Over time, while researching and collecting art we came across a slue of immensely talented individuals that create unique pieces of art that are being (or will soon enough be) the envy of art collectors and galleries worldwide. So we partnered with them to offer our customers their pieces, at unbeatable prices, because you'll be buying directly from the source.