Set of 2 Design Boxes


Introducing our stunning Glass Arch Doorway Boxes, a set of two exquisite pieces that seamlessly blend form and function to adorn your spaces with a touch of elegance. With sizes of 8 inches and 11 inches, these versatile boxes are designed to capture attention while adding a contemporary edge to your decor. Presented in a sleek black and white color scheme, they effortlessly harmonize with various interior styles.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these arch doorway boxes make a statement that resonates with modern aesthetics. The set comprises two sizes – an 8-inch box and an 11-inch box – providing you the flexibility to curate your display according to your space and preferences.

The 8-inch Glass Arch Doorway Box is a testament to minimalist sophistication. Encased in a deep black frame, this box exudes understated luxury. The arching design adds an architectural element to your decor, capturing the essence of contemporary chic. Utilize it to showcase cherished trinkets, delicate succulents, or treasured collectibles. Its compact size finds a perfect home on shelves, mantles, or as a centerpiece on a side table.



  • Set includes two Glass Arch Doorway Boxes: 8 inches and 11 inches.
  • Versatile sizes for curated displays in various spaces.
  • Sleek black and white frames blend seamlessly with modern decor.

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