Quote Lidded Candles


Introducing our Playful Candle Collection – a captivating array of boxed, vibrant, and irresistibly aromatic candles that will transform your space into a haven of joy and energy. Standing tall at 4 inches and boasting a generous 12 ounces, these candles not only exude colorful charm but also emanate captivating scents that invigorate the senses.

Delete My Belly Candle 

Embark on a journey of freshness and vitality with our Delete My Belly Candle. Infused with invigorating Zest Citrus, Red Algae, and grounding Cedarwood, this candle offers a revitalizing experience that empowers both body and spirit.

Doin It And Lovin It Candle 

Elevate your mood with the vibrant notes of Citrus, Fruity, and Green Algae in our Doin It And Lovin It Candle. This fusion of scents captures the essence of joyful self-expression, reminding you to embrace life with zest and enthusiasm.

I Chase Goals Candle 

Ignite your determination and drive with the uplifting fragrance of Zesty Lime, Bergamot, Lilac, and grounding Patchouli in our I Chase Goals Candle. Infused with ambition and inspiration, this candle serves as a constant reminder to pursue your dreams with unwavering focus.

These candles stand tall at 4 inches, boasting a generous 12 ounces of scented splendor that promises to enchant your senses and uplift your space. Whether you're looking to infuse your home with vibrant energy or seeking a delightful gift for a loved one, our Playful XL Candle Collection offers an array of scents that invigorate the atmosphere and create an ambiance of joy. Illuminate your surroundings with these captivating creations and let the aromatic journey begin.


  • 4Inches Tall
  • 12 Oz


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