Quote Candles


Introducing our Lively Candle Collection – a delightful array of boxed, colorful, and irresistibly aromatic candles that will infuse your space with charm and character. These compact candles, measuring 4 inches tall and containing 7 ounces of pure joy, bring together playful titles and captivating scents to create an experience that's as delightful as it is enchanting.

Perfectly sized at 4 inches and 7 ounces, these candles are small enough to fit seamlessly into any space while packing a punch of fragrance and visual delight. Whether you're treating yourself or looking for a charming gift, our Lively Mini Candle Collection promises to elevate your moments with color, scent, and fun. Illuminate your space with these whimsical creations and let the enchantment unfold.


  • 4Inches Tall
  • 7 Oz


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