MINI Luxury Diffuser


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Introducing the MINI Luxury Diffuser, where indulgence meets convenience, and relaxation accompanies you on every journey. This compact and elegant diffuser redefines the art of travel, elevating your surroundings to a realm of opulence and tranquility, wherever you go.

Crafted with precision and finesse, the MINI Luxury Diffuser S.2 features a sleek and minimalist design that effortlessly complements any aesthetic. Its portable size allows it to fit snugly into your travel bag or even your handbag, ensuring you can take it with you on business trips, vacations, or simply to create a serene ambiance in your daily commute.

Prioritizing your well-being and the environment, the Mini Luxury Diffuser uses only natural essential oils that are free from harmful chemicals. Emitting no harmful toxins or residue, it provides a safe and eco-friendly scenting solution for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Discover a new dimension of scent diffusion with the Mini Luxury Diffuser, where innovation, efficiency, and elegance come together to create an unforgettable sensory journey. Enhance your surroundings and elevate your daily life with the captivating aromas of the Mini Luxury Diffuser.

  • Voltage: DC 5V-1A

  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Color: Black / Silver / Black Matte
  • Material: Metal
  • Power: 2 W
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Size: W68*H118mm
  • Installation: Lay flat


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