Marble Bitten Popsicle


Introducing our extraordinary Metal and Marble Bitten Popsicle sculpture, a unique fusion of materials and design that adds an avant-garde touch to your living space. Standing at an impressive 13 inches, this piece is a captivating blend of sleek metal and timeless marble, creating a one-of-a-kind decorative accent that effortlessly commands attention.

Crafted with meticulous craftsmanship, the Metal and Marble Bitten Popsicle sculpture showcases a bold interplay between textures and aesthetics. The exterior is adorned in a sleek, matte black metal finish that exudes contemporary sophistication. Complementing this edgy exterior, the interior reveals a smooth, polished marble core that radiates luxury and timelessness.

This sculpture captures the essence of a partially bitten popsicle, creating a whimsical and intriguing focal point. The unexpected pairing of the black metal and the pristine marble forms a visual narrative that ignites curiosity and conversation. The duality of materials emphasizes the contrast between modern innovation and classic elegance.


  • Materials: Marble, Metal
  • Size: 13 Inches


Due to the nature of marble, item may be slightly different than the images.

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