Bergamotto di Calabria 7 Wick Candle


Cereria Molla Bergamotto di Calabria 7 Wick Candle: Its aroma brings us to the island of Calabria. Its slightly fruity nuances and its fusion with the warmth of sandalwood, cardamom and limeta make it a fresh, energizing and stimulating fragrance that invites you to feel the Mediterranean breeze.

Cereria Molla uses only the best raw materials and the most exclusive fragrances, and their craft has been developed by the Molla family, generation after generation, since 1899. The philosophy of Cereria Molla has been to manufacture the best candles on the market “no matter the time or the resources used to achieve it.


  • Brand:    Cereria molla 1899
  • Burn time:   600 hours
  • Scent family:  Citrus
  • Primary scents:  Cardamon, lemon, sandalwood
  • Wax family:  Vegetable
  • Net weight:  246 oz.
  • Dimensions: 14" tall x 9.5" wide

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