Vespa Mirror


Dolce Vita dreamers and Quadrophenia fans alike will appreciate the contrast of the elegant, iconic Italian scooter in bright acrylic for a cool take on  classic 60s Italian style. Choose your color from sleek silver, vibrant green, rich red or deep blue for a truly unique, funky mirror.  Place it above your vanity to use as a makeup mirror, or use it as wall decor in any room, from minimalist to maximalist, from trend inspired to classic cool. Hang it as a standalone statement piece or mix and match with other wall decor for an eclectic look. 

The scooter is made of acrylic mirror layered on top of a white foam PVC backing to create a 3D piece with cool white detailing that really pops with depth and dimension.  

 We've pre-installed a high-quality hanging hardware on the back, so all you’ll need are nails, Command Tape hooks, or screws to display this easy-to-install, cool eye-catching mirror on your wall.

Our in-house artists and expert craftspeople hand assemble each piece with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Unlike canvas paintings or prints, this piece won't warp, bend, sag or fade even after years of display and use.



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