Fontaine vase

FONTAINE cake stand with vase DOPLE FUNCTION: Can be used either as a vase or an etagere. Or both at the same time SWEET: When sweet tooth meets floral elements, art is created CLEAN: Rings removable and therefore easy to clean Decorations on various tiers The FONTAINE cake stand is a two-tier presentation plate and filigree vase all at once! As if the chocolines, petit fours and other tasty items appear to be floating on air, these two shiny reflecting plates make it difficult in resisting to help oneself to those goodies! The epitome of beauty is rendered by the individual long-stemmed flowers that throne over the plates. stainless steel, polished, glass, 27 cm (D) Birthday present, wedding, cake stand, fall, Christmas, fall decor, Christmas decor, gifts, home decor, candle, fall home decor, mens gifts, gifts for women, flowers, sweets

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