Scented Premium Hand wash


Handmade luxurious cream soap with grapefruit and laurel scent from the Spanish house Cereria Molla 1899. Thanks to the natural composition with ginseng & chia extracts, it moisturizes the skin every time you wash. 

Bergamotto di Calabria is warm Sandalwood from Mysore combined with the vigorous freshness of Bergamotte di Calabria  lends nuances of Cardamon and Lemon that transport you to this Mediterranean Island.

Rose & Oud Fragrance contains a sweet floral aroma. The dark rose of Damascus, rich and velvety, wrapped in smoked Oud wood.

Basil & Mandarin is a fragrance that brings an energetic harmony mixture of Lemon, Lime and Tangerine citric notes, accompanied by a prevailing floral scent of Ivy and White Jasmine, with a seductive final thanks to their oriental woody notes.

Grapefruit & Bay fragrance notes: fresh grapefruit, sweet red fruits and blackberries, bay leaves, sandalwood and vetiver.

Amber & Sandalwood is a spicy aromatic essence with a fresh citric start, accompanied by the persistent Sandalwood and combined with a background of sweet musky scent and a slight touch of woods.


  • A fragrance full of energy and power.
  • The design is very clean and modern, fits with every furnishing and style.
  • NO SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
  • 500 ML/16.9 FL Oz

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